Can’t Dance? ‘Work It’ Stars Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy Have Advice for You

     August 7, 2020

Want some good vibes for the weekend? This interview with Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy paired with their new Netflix movie Work It should do the trick. Carpenter stars as Quinn Ackerman, a standout student and certified overachiever who dreams of getting in to her dream school, Duke. When her acceptance becomes dependent on her participation in a dance competition, Quinn’s got to put together a dance team and also learn how to dance herself.

The movie is bursting at the seams with a can-do spirit, and Carpenter and Koshy brought that same exact spirit to our interview for the movie’s August 7th release. As someone who’s convinced she can’t dance, I opted to ask Carpenter and Koshy for their thoughts on the matter. Koshy insisted, “I say that dance is a universal language; it’s your body language and if you got one, you can move it!” Carpenter also added:

“It really is therapeutic and I think especially for Quinn’s journey throughout the movie of someone who knows that she can’t dance and gets to a place where she knows that she’s still not the best, but it’s fun. It’s just the act of doing it and the act of doing it with people you love and people to bounce off of, it brings a really good energy, it gets you in your body and it gets you very present which is important right now.”


Image via Netflix

For more from Carpenter and Koshy, check out the full interview at the top of this article! Carpenter also discusses her hopes to return to Broadway after her run in Mean Girls was cut short by the pandemic, Koshy talks about how her experience making content on Vine still comes in handy today, and so much more! Work It arrives on Netflix on August 7th.

Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy:

  • Their advice for someone who’s convinced they can’t dance.
  • Carpenter and Koshy reveal things they never thought they’d be able to accomplish, but actually wound up pulling it off.
  • Carpenter on her hopes to return to Broadway.
  • Koshy on how her Vine experience comes in handy on feature films.
  • The unforgettable line Koshy came up with on the spot.
  • Carpenter on what she learned from Amandla Stenberg about being #1 on the call sheet.
  • Carpenter and Koshy name an “unsung hero” of Work It.

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