‘World of Tomorrow Chapter 2’ Trailer Teases Don Hertzfeldt’s New Sci-Fi Masterpiece

     October 23, 2017


In my time reviewing movies here on Collider, I have only ever given one A+ rating to a film. That film is World of Tomorrow Chapter Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts, Don Hertzfeldt’s incredible follow-up to his mind-bending, soul-crushing animated short, World of Tomorrow. Appropriately, this new teaser is all about telling you how damn amazing this movie is without actually showing you much from the film.

Back in 2015, the sci-fi short took home the Sundance Grand Jury Prize and went on to earn an Oscar nomination, not to mention a cloud of rapturous reviews that followed the film wherever it went.In that regard, the sequel has gotten off on the right foot. The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts screened at Fantastic Fest earlier this year, where the sequel wracked up all the buzzy critical love you could hope for in a follow-up to one of the best sci-fi/animated/short films of all time. I was one of those people slinging around the praise, and boy lemme tell you, The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts is spectacular.

Let this new teaser tell you just how good it is, and check out my full review for more effusive praise. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when Herzfeldt plans release the short, but the YouTube trailer promises “Coming soon.”

The original film follows the young Emily Prime on an adventure that flings her through time and space, glimpses the end of the human race, and the tragic future of a people who cannot forget the past. It’s only 16 minutes and it’s on Netflix, so for god’s sake go watch it if you haven’t seen it. Seriously, go watch it. If you’re at work, like take a lunch break or something. For the sequel, Emily Prime is back, but this time she’s headed on a journey inward, through the far reaches of the human mind and the results are just as introspective and irreverent.

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