The Worst January Movies of the Last Decade

     January 12, 2017


Ah, January. What a time to be a movie fan. It’s a time of scarcity and a time of plenty; a time when we’re so busy celebrating the best movies of the year past that the worst movies of the year ahead slip right by us. Or, that’s the idea. With awards season (and football) in full swing and the big awards contenders enjoying expanded theatrical releases, studios quietly drop their least promising annual offerings in the so-called “dump months”.

Right now, the industry is seeing an interesting shift in the theatrical release calendar. Star Wars has carved out a unique spot for blockbuster films in December, and Deadpool‘s February release date last year proved that the previous model of release was ready for some shakeups with the potential for huge profit. Along similar lines, the 2016 summer season was so stuffed with subpar tentpole releases that many of the major studios’ biggest earners hit in the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons.

The industry seems to be decidedly edging towards a viable year-round release calendar, but for now, let’s celebrate the proud Hollywood tradition of the January burial ground for misguided films and take a look at the worst January releases of the last decade.

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