50 Worst Movie Posters of the 2010s

     November 27, 2017


It’s tough to make a good poster.  There are contractual obligations, studio mandates, and you have to sell a movie in just one image.  If only it were as simple as any other product, but movie posters have to play by a different set of rules, and so before I run down fifty of the worst thus far, I do have some sympathy towards the people making them.

That being said, these posters go far beyond the normal sins of floating heads and blue-orange color schemes.  With these posters you’ll see opportunities wasted, photoshop disasters, and bland design that makes for a total eyesore.  These are the kinds of posters that not only fail go gain attention; they repel interest.

Scroll down for the worst fifty posters of the decade (click here to check out the fifty best posters of the decade). For all of our Best of the Decade content, click here.


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