Writer Brian K. Vaughan Is Opening THE VAULT

     March 25, 2010


Brian K. Vaughan, one of the best comic/TV/movie writers out there, is shopping around a script for a post-apocalyptic film called The Vault, which involves a real-world Doomsday vault located in Norway.  Reported by Production Weekly’s Twitter, /Film provides more details:

“A post-apocalyptic heist movie involving the real-world Doomsday Vault in the Arctic, The Vault is Ocean’s 11 meets 2012/Children of Men. When a terrifying plague destroys crops and causes starvation on a global scale, the world’s greatest thief must break into the extremist-controlled Doomsday Vault to steal the one seed that could prevent the extinction of the human race.”

Vaughan’s previous work includes the comic series Y: The Last Man, Runaways, and Ex Machina.  He was also a writer for Lost. Hit the jump to read how Vaughan made me a fan of comic books and learn about an unproduced screenplay he has that needs to be produced now.

brian_k_vaughan_image.jpgBrian K. Vaughan is (with the help of my friend Eric) the guy who got me reading comic books.  Living through the 90s, the only comics I had ever known about where the ones with superheroes and most of them sucked (Onslaught!).  But then I was handed an issue of Y: The Last Man and now I have two boxes filled with comics and a whole book shelf dedicated to graphic novels and trade paperbacks.  I just didn’t know that there were comics out there other than superhero books.  Y also such an ingenious premise that I totally hooked.  It then became a perfect storm as Oberlin, a town with not much in it, had a comic book store (Infinite Monkey Comics & Games) owned and operated by two of the nicest people ever.  These days I buy my comics in trade paperback form because it’s a better value and I don’t have the option to buy them from friend.  The only comic I still buy issue-to-issue is Vaughan’s Ex Machina, which only has two issues left in its 50-issue run.

Vaughan also has another screenplay called Roundtable and I’ll let The Playlist do the honors of describing it:

[Vaughan] moved into screenwriting a few years ago, serving as a writer and producer on “Lost,” and selling a script entitled “Roundtable” to Dreamworks a few years back. The latter, a deeply satisfying fantasy comedy in the vein of “Ghostbusters,” is about modern day British knights, (including Sir Michael Caine) being brought together by Merlin to battle a mystical threat, and is one of our favorite unproduced scripts of the last few years.

Why wouldn’t you want to see that movie.  Then again, I’ll read or see anything Vaughan does because he almost always hits it out of the park.  If you don’t want to get into a series but want to get a sense of how good he is, pick up Pride of Baghdad.  And after reading that, you’ll find yourself scavenging to read everything else he’s done.

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