Writer/Director Richard Kelly Exclusive Video Interview THE BOX

     November 2, 2009

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Earlier today I sat down with writer/director Richard Kelly (“Donnie Darko”, “Southland Tales”) to talk about his upcoming movie “The Box”.  For those who don’t know, the movie is set around a deceptively simple moral dilemma.  An average couple is offered an opportunity to get themselves out of financial difficulty: a million dollars, in exchange for the knowledge that their acceptance of this gift will result in the death of one person somewhere in the world – someone they don’t know.  The big question is, “What will they do?” But writer/director Richard Kelly is also asking, “What would you do?”

While some interviews are rushed, our conversation was extensive and if you’re a fan of Richard Kelly or just curious about “The Box”, then you’ll definitely want to watch this. He talked about how the Arcade Fire came to the project, when will the score be released, the writing process, how his dad really worked at NASA and how he influenced James Marsden’s character, is the Blu-ray of both “Donnie Darko” and “Southland Tales” the final editions of those films, what will be on “The Box” Blu-ray, what is he working on now, and so much more. Take a look after the jump:

As always, I’ve listed what we talked about above each part.  And if you’d like to watch some clips from “The Box”, click here.  “The Box” gets released this Friday.

Richard Kelly part 1the_box_movie_image_cameron_diaz_and_james_marsden_day_3.jpg

  • What’s it like to finally be at the Monday before release
  • His dad worked at NASA in real life. He talks about what he did and how it relates to The Box
  • Writing process. Where did he pick what he wanted to focus on from the short story
  • Twitter question #1 – Would he push the button
  • Twitter question #2 – What was it like to work with the Arcade Fire and does he know when the new album is coming out. Says they are recording it right now.
  • What kind of collaboration was it with the band. He says they recorded 12 demo tracks before proceeding

Richard Kelly part 2

  • Twitter question #3 – When will the score be released. Explains why it’s going to be a little whilethe_box_movie_image_cameron_diaz_james_marsden_day_5.jpg
  • Twitter question #4 – What is the status of a director’s cut of Southland Tales on Blu-ray and is the Donnie Darko Blu-ray the final edition of the film
  • What will be on the DVD/Blu-ray of The Box – talks about a few of the extras like his commentary, a documentary on the making of the film, a short documentary on Richard Matheson, the shorts on the website, and says the deleted scenes from the movie might not be on the DVD. Says it’s more likely they’ll be included on a future edition of the movie whether that be extended DVD or whatever they chose
  • What is he producing right now. Talks about how the indie market is not good right now but says a lot will be figured out in 2010. Also says he’d love to talk about what he’s worked on but he can’t yet…
  • Will he be at AFM next week
  • Is he thinking about directing someone else’s script for his next project or will he write/direct like he always does
  • Talks about his next project that’s a 3D film with motion capture. Takes place in 2014 NYC
  • Has he been on a set that’s shooting in 3D for research for his possible next film

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