Exclusive Clip and 21 Images from Quentin Dupieux’s WRONG COPS Featuring Steve Little and Mark Burnham

     December 14, 2013


Writer-Director Quentin Dupieux (Rubber, Wrong) is putting his unique stamp on his next film, but that’s par for the course since his previous films centered on a homicidal tire and a man in an existential search for his dog, respectively.  His crime comedy, Wrong Cops, centers on a crime-free Los Angeles and the bored cops that work in it.  Today, we’ve got an exclusive clip from one of those chapters to share with you, one that features Steve Little (Eastbound & Down) and Mark Burnham (Wrong).

Also starring Marilyn Manson, Eric Wareheim, Ray Wise, Jon LaJoie, and Grace Zariskie, Wrong Cops will be available in theaters and on demand starting December 20th.  Watch the trailer for Wrong Cops here, and hit the jump to watch our exclusive clip plus 21 new images from the film.

Check out the clip and images from Wrong Cops below:

arden-myrin-wrong-cops eric-judor-wrong-cops marilyn-manson-wrong-cops mark-burnham-wrong-cops steve-little-mark-burnham-wrong-cops wrong-cops mark burnham wrong-cops-arden-myrin wrong-cops-arden-myrin-eric-wareheim wrong-cops-daniel-quinn wrong-cops-eric-judor wrong-cops-eric-roberts wrong-cops-eric-wareheim wrong-cops-eric-wareheim-agnes-bruckner wrong-cops-jonathan-lajoie wrong-cops-marilyn-manson wrong-cops-marilyn-manson-mark-burnham wrong-cops-mark-burnham wrong-cops-markburnham-arden-myrin wrong-cops-ray-wise wrong-cops-steve-little-mark-burnham quentin-dupieux


‘Wrong Cops’ chronicles a group of cops behaving badly in a not too-distant future where crime has been all but eradicated. This hilarious ensemble comedy features an amazing cast that includes Marilyn Manson, Steve Little, Eric Wareheim, Jon Lajoie and many more. From acclaimed director Quentin Dupieux (‘Rubber’, ‘Wrong’).




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