Wear This: Wyld Stallyns T-Shirt from BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

     May 1, 2010

bill and teds excellent adventure movie wyld stallyons t-shirt (3).jpg

“Do you know where there are any personages of historical significance around here?”

If you’re a fan of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, you’re going to enjoy our latest “wear this” item.  That’s because the folks at lastexittonowhere have a great Wyld Stallyns t-shirt.  If you’re haven’t seen Bill and Ted’s, Wyld Stallyns is Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves band.

What I love about the shirt is you either know who Wyld Stallyns are or you don’t (meaning no references to the movie are on the shirt).  What I don’t love about the shirt is lastexittonowhere is located in the United Kingdom, which means the 18 pound shirt is thirty something dollars plus shipping.  If you’re interested, click here to check it out.  They also have some other very cool movie inspired shirts.

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