Melanie Scrofano on ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 2, Love Interests, and the Earp Curse

     June 22, 2017


The Syfy series Wynonna Earp follows Wyatt Earp’s great granddaughter as she and a posse of dysfunctional allies battle demons and other creatures with her unique abilities. And now that any paranormal entity can enter the Ghost River Triangle, Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) – along with her sister Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Waverly’s girlfriend Nicole (Katherine Barrell), centuries old Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) and Black Badge Agent Dolls (Shamier Anderson) – must defend the town of Purgatory from a whole new slew of demons, ghosts and assorted evils, since she’s the only thing that can bring the paranormal to justice.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actress Melanie Scrofano talked about what she was most excited about getting to explore with Season 2, when she thinks the show is at its best, the incredible fan support, where Wynonna is at mentally this season, who Wynonna might be, if she didn’t have to worry about the Earp curse, how challenging it is to work with the gun, Wynonna’s relationships, both romantic and family, and what she’s most enjoyed about being a part of this show. Be aware that there are some spoilers discussed.


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Collider:  After everything that Wynonna went through in the first season, what were you most looking forward to digging into or excited about getting to explore in this second season, and has the journey been headed anywhere close to what you thought it might be?

MELANIE SCROFANO:  I wanted to explore the family aspect of it more. I was very curious about that. I think we do start to touch on that a bit more. I just wanted to see everything get messier, and it definitely did. Anybody who is near Wynonna has to make sacrifices this season and it’s fun to see whether or not people are willing and able to do so. The answer might surprise you.

In the first season of the show, you had to find your footing and see what worked best with this cast of actors together. Going into Season 2 with a season behind you, what did you feel were the strengths of the storytelling and of this cast? When do you think Wynonna Earp is at its best?

SCROFANO:  I think any storyline that involves a relationship is going to be interesting. I’m partial to the sister relationship angle because I’ve never had a sister and it just rang true to me. I feel like that works for a lot of people because, if you don’t have a sister, it makes you want one, and if you do have a sister than you can see yourself in it, so that works really well. I think Waverly and Nicole’s story rings true with a lot of people. What’s nice about that story is that it’s great because it’s representation, but it’s also great because it’s just true. It’s just a beautiful story between two people that love each other. And there was another great example of that, in Episode 5 of Season 1 with Fish and Levi. It was two people that loved each other, and yes it was representation, but it didn’t connect with people because of that. It connected with people because it was a beautiful love story. So, I think any relationship story in our show is just gonna be compelling.


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The fandom for this show has been so loyal and so supportive. When did you realize that you had such a great group of fans for this show, and what’s it like to have that kind of support?

SCROFANO:  I think we realized it with Episode 1. They were vocal, from day one, on how much they loved our show. They just got it, right away, and it only grew from there. It’s a nice feeling. You go on Twitter and you see these interactions, whether it be with us or amongst themselves, and it’s just the kindest, warmest thing. It makes it hard to see the bleakness that goes on in the world. You almost feel protected from it when you’re in the fandom because it’s so loving and warm. It’s really special.

Wynonna went through so much last season and it seems like it’s really weighing on her this season. Where is she at now, mentally?

SCROFANO:  She starts at such a low point, but it seems like we just move really fast. The camera was fast, the storytelling was fast, and there was a lot of running. Everything was moving really fast, and that was by design because Wynonna can’t stop to think. If she does, she’ll be crushed by the weight of it all. It weighs on her, but she also has to keep moving forward so that she can try to escape the weight of it. And then, this season, there’s a whole new weight that gets put on her. It’s surprising to me that she doesn’t drown in Season 2.

Wynonna is offered an alternative way to break her curse, this season. Since it seems like Wynonna was a bit lost and unfocused before learning about the Earp curse and what she’d have to do to break it, who do you think she’d be without it?

SCROFANO:  Right?! That’s the fear. I think her love for other people is what pushes her to want to break the curse. I don’t think it’s about her anymore. Last season, it was angsty and all, “My life sucks! I have to do this.” Now, she can give the people she loves a better life without it. I think she’s more outwardly focused this season, than in Season 1 when she was understandably in more of a selfish place. Season 2 sees her trying to do things for others more than just herself.


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The Earp gun that you have to carry around and use is a very large gun. How heavy is the one that you have to use for the show, and do you ever have any funny mishaps with it?

SCROFANO:  It’s so heavy, it’s ridiculous! Those scenes where I have to hold it up, I don’t know if they’ll ever show this, but if there’s a behind the scenes, I’ll be holding it up, and then when other person starts talking and I put it down, and then I hold it back up when I’m talking. It feels like it’s 100 pounds, after you’ve held it for awhile. And as for mishaps, I feel like anytime it says that I have to twirl it, I’m like, “Okay, let’s just see what we’re gonna get. It’s either gonna work really well, or I’m not gonna be able to find the center of gravity on this thing and it’s gonna hit someone in the face.” And it’s a real gun, so if I drop it, the props people are always like, “Oh, god!” They’re always afraid of a lawsuit, or of losing our only gun because it breaks. There’s a lot of TV magic that goes into holding that gun.

Things are a bit fractured between Wynonna and Doc, this season. What’s up with them, and are they ever going to get on the same page again?

SCROFANO:  It’s just so hard because he’s a hundred and some years old. Is there such a thing as being on the same page? They’ll try to be. I think they’ll always try to be on the same page, as much as possible. Life will just always get in the way, maybe.

Do you feel like there’s an equal amount of fans that are rooting for Wynonna and Doc, as are rooting for Wynonna and Dolls, or do they lean more towards one versus the other?

SCROFANO:  That’s hard to say. Judging by the fan mail that we get at the production office, it seems pretty inclusive of both, which is good. It means we did our job. You almost dread the idea that everybody only wants this character. The fun is not knowing, and being undecided.

Since you have no control over who your character ends up with, do you try to stay neutral?


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SCROFANO:  I definitely try to stay neutral, but then I’m also like, “Give me more love interests! This is fun! Let’s make it even harder!” At the end of the day, her true love is her sister. The rest is all just a bit of fun.

We also know that Waverly is hiding the fact that she believes that she’s not really an Earp from Wynonna, along with the fact that she’s having a bit of a demon problem herself. How is Wynonna going to handle that?

SCROFANO:  With Willa, Wynonna didn’t want to see her as the victim, which she ultimately became. She would never want to see Waverly as anything else. Especially given everything she’s going through, Wynonna just needs to believe that her sister is her sister. People joke about oblivious Wynonna, with the whole Waverly-Nicole thing, but I think she’s oblivious when she needs to be. With Nicole and Waverly, it was more just that she had demons to focus on and it wasn’t her priority to focus on her sister’s love life. In this case. It’s more of a willful oblivious because she believes what she needs to believe, in order to keep moving forward.

Getting taken in by Black Badge revealed that Dolls is not exactly who Wynonna thought he was. How does she feel about the fact that he’s not entirely human?

SCROFANO:  Wynonna has trust issues at the best of times, so the fact that people that she trust most have been lying to her, and she trusted Dolls above anyone and he was keeping something so big from her, is a problem.

What do you most enjoy about playing this character and being on this show, and what have you most enjoyed about this season, in particular?

SCROFANO:  What I’ve most enjoyed about this season would be where it goes, after Episode 5. It goes into some very real territory, and I enjoyed exploring that with my castmates/friends. Seeing how the story affected everyone in different ways was fun, but also really emotionally satisfying. But in general, this is such a dynamic show that you never feel like you’re playing just one note. You joke around through the pain, or you get serious when other people are laughing. It moves around a lot and you don’t have time to get bored. If you’re not kicking down a door, you’re shooting someone in the face. If you’re not shooting someone in the face, you’re fighting with your lover. If you’re not fighting with your lover, you’re joking around with your sister. There’s so much going on, you’d be crazy not to have fun playing this character. She’s bad-ass, but she’s not even very good at it. It’s more honest.

Wynonna Earp airs on Friday nights on Syfy.