Tye Sheridan Reacts to ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’s Final Cut and Deleted Scenes

     May 14, 2016

During the red blue carpet fan screening of X-Men: ApocalypseSteve Weintraub had a chance to chat with up-and-coming superstar Tye Sheridan about his experience on the film. Sheridan plays Scott Summers, better known as the eventual X-Men leader Cyclops. The character isn’t new to Bryan Singer’s cinematic universe, having previously been played by James Marsden, but this movie kicks off a whole new generation of the Marvel mutant team as they attempt to face their deadliest opponent ever.

In this video interview, Sheridan reacted to seeing the finished film for the first time and responded to scenes that had been deleted from the movie. He also commented on his experiences from set, including which actor ruined the most takes and pranks that he and the cast members continue to play today. Sheridan offered up interesting insight into how the action sequences were filmed: since the ensemble cast is so huge and all of the characters split off to do battle, a lot of their scenes were filmed separately. Also, fans of Ready Player One will be happy to know that Sheridan will be filming Steven Spielberg’s latest this summer in London.

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