‘Dark Phoenix’ Bumped Back to Summer 2019; ‘Gambit’ Gets New Release Date

     September 28, 2018

x-men-dark-phoenix-sophie-turner-sliceThe X-Men franchise keeps churning at Fox (at least for the time being; that hard reboot is coming once Disney finishes its purchase), but that also means titles are inevitably pushed back. You may recall that that Dark Phoenix was originally slated for November of this year. However, it was then pushed back to February 14, 2019. Fox even released a new trailer and poster yesterday touting that release date. But now it looks like they’ll need to update they’re marketing materials as the superhero saga has been pushed back again, this time to the summer movie season. The new X-Men movie will drop on June 7, 2019.

However, only two date changes isn’t that big of deal. Meanwhile, Gambit will remain in development hell until morale improves. The spinoff movie, starring Channing Tatum as the title character, has been pushed back yet again. This time, the movie is now set to March 13, 2020. Keep in mind that the movie has cycled through directors Rupert Wyatt, Doug Liman, and Gore Verbinski and is currently being directed by [check notes] no one. Producer Simon Kinberg says that the film will be a “romantic or sex comedy”, which, fine, whatever, but let’s see if this movie ever gets made. It could be Cronenbergian body horror for all I care at this point.

And speaking of horror, the one X-Men movie that isn’t movie right now is The New Mutants, which, after a delay of over a year (it was originally set to open back in April of this year), is still on the calendar for August 2, 2019. While some may doubt that Fox would release two X-Men movies so close to each other, that strategy hasn’t really hurt Marvel (Ant-Man and the Wasp opened two months after Infinity War) and New Mutants promises to be radically different than Dark Phoenix.

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