Awesome Fan-Made Opening Credits to X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

     April 5, 2011


I feel a little bad for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class because no matter what it does, it now has to compete with some incredible fan-made opening credits.  Because the upcoming prequel takes place during the 1960s, designer Joe D! used elements like Saul Bass titles along with Mod and James Bond styles to create his impressive opening titles.  I also love that the fake credits use a remixed version of the animated X-Men TV show from the 1990s.

Hit the jump to check out this brilliance.  X-Men: First Class opens June 3rd.

Via Patton Oswalt, the titles were designed for a contest being run by Super Punch.

Joe D! had this to say about his opening titles:

This sequence was designed to give a very brief primer on the time period, the setting, as well as show the relationships of the characters in this film, as they are very different from the previous movies and audiences shouldn’t be confused as to why Professor X and Magneto, enemies in the original trilogy, are the best of friend in this prequel.

Super Punch held a contest redesigning the posters for the film, which played it safe by sticking very close to the correlation to the original trilogy, and winding up rather mundane compared to the slick trailer rife with espionage, red fear, and 60s hair. Several people were quick to make posters in the Mod, Saul Bass, and James Bond style that I had in mind, so it was decided that I’d make a title sequence instead.


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