KICK-ASS Co-Writer Jane Goldman to Re-Write Matthew Vaughn’s X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

     May 10, 2010

When Matthew Vaughn was in talks to direct X-Men: First Class, I wondered out loud whether or not he would write a new script with Kick-Ass co-writer Jane Goldman.  I need wonder no longer as Goldman’s husband, television/radio presenter and writer Jonathan Ross tweeted that “The wife is away writing X Men 4.”  No details if she’s handling the script solo, will be co-writing with Vaughn (which is my guess since she also co-wrote Vaughn’s Stardust), and/or will work from Bryan Singer’s treatment, which was previously adapted by screenwriter Jamie Moss.  While the comics are about the early days of mutants Cyclops, Jean Grey, and other X-Men at the Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, Singer’s take had the film centering on the complicated friendship between Xavier and Magneto.  Singer was originally attached to direct but had to drop out due to his prior obligation to helm Jack the Giant Killer.  He remains on board as a producer.

It’s worth nothing that Ross told the Guardian last month that Vaughn may possibly adapt Ross’ new comic book, Turf.  As for Goldman, she’s writing a script for Hammer Films called The Woman in Black, and she spoke about it with Steve at WonderCon.   I’m a fan of Kick-Ass and Stardust and so I’m totally on board to have Goldman get her hands on the script.

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