Xbox Gets New Logitech Adaptive Controller for Gamers with Accessibility Needs

     November 18, 2019


Video games should be for everyone, no matter the gamer’s needs. Which is why today, Logitech announced the release of the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit, a series of buttons and triggers mimicking what’s on a traditional Xbox controller for gamers with different accessibility needs. The kit is designed to interact with the previously existing Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) for maximum flexibility, comfort, and convenience.

Ujesh Desai, VP of Logitech Gaming, said that the new gaming kit “supports our commitment to inclusivity and diversity in gaming, because fundamentally we believe that life is more fun when you play, and everyone should be able to experience the joys of play,” which is objectively the most heartwarming thing anyone has ever said. To make sure this mission statement translates beyond platitudes into hardware, Logitech worked closely with gaming accessibility groups like SpecialEffect and The AbleGamers Charity to ensure the kit did everything the community needed it to. Steve Spohn, COO of The AbleGamers Charity, spoke highly of Logitech’s commitment to the cause and successful delivery: “Everyone’s needs are different, and the Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit delivers a wide range of configuration options to make gaming a possibility for all. We appreciated the opportunity to work closely with Logitech G on the design of this kit and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”


Image via Logitech G

Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit is meant to work in tandem with the already-revolutionary XAC, with a goal on expanding that piece of hardware’s mission with an even further reach of accessibility — not to mention a more appealing price point. And Logitech worked closely with Microsoft and Xbox to achieve this goal. “The Xbox Adaptive Controller opened up gaming to people with disabilities all around the world,” said Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer Jenny Lay-Flurrie. “With the addition of Logitech G’s Adaptive Gaming Kit, we’re excited to see that impact continue to grow. It’s never been more important to design through the lens of disability and push the boundaries of what technology can do to be inclusive of everyone around the world.” It’s a joyful, noble, wonderfully helpful gesture to ensure that everyone can play together.

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit costs $99.99 and is available for purchase now. For more Xbox news, check out the trailer for the upcoming Halo Infinite. If you’re jonesing for great deals on Xbox games, here’s every Target Black Friday deal. And if you’re wondering whether to play Jedi: Fallen Ordercheck out our review.

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