WARRIOR Director Gavin O’Connor to Helm Thriller YAKUZA

     May 10, 2012


I have yet to catch director Gavin O’Connor’s fighter drama Warrior, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Tom Hardy/Joel Edgerton-fronted pic.  The film earned positive reviews, and O’Connor landed on the director shortlist for The Wolverine.  While he didn’t end up filling the director’s chair for the superhero sequel, he’s now set to direct another film that also takes place in Japan.  Deadline reports that O’Connor will direct the Universal Pictures thriller Yakuza, which centers on “an American intelligence expert who becomes embroiled in the affairs of a notorious yakuza godfather and finds himself plunged into the violent criminal underworld and toxic landscape of post-tsunami Japan.”

O’Connor will rewrite the script with Josh Fagin, and Brian Grazer is onboard to produce.  The director is also attached to helm the Peter Pan reimagining Neverland, as well as the thriller The Samurai for Warner Bros.  No word on which of the three projects will go first, but O’Connor has lined up a promising post-Warrior slate.

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