Matthew Weiner’s YOU ARE HERE Gets Back off the Ground with Zach Galifiankis and Owen Wilson Set to Star

     March 28, 2012


Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has been trying for years to get his feature film debut You Are Here into production.  Weiner will direct from his own script, which centers on “childhood best friends who go on a road trip after one of them inherits significant coin following the death of his father.”  Back in 2009 (when the childhood friends were roommates), the movie was set to star Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, and Zach GalifianakisAlmost a year later, the movie had lined up a new cast featuring Jack Black, Matt Dillon, and Renée Zellweger.  Today, Variety reports that the movie now has Galifianakis back on board to play the part he was attached to in 2009.  He’ll now be co-starring with Owen Wilson, and Amy Poehler is in talks to co-star.

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In 2010, we reported that Galifiankis’ character (which at the time had passed to Jack Black) was “unstable” and that Wilson’s character (the role Cooper and then Dillon were attached to) was “skirt-chasing” and “hard-partying”.  Presumably, Poehler is in talks to play either the role Galifianakis’ character’s sister, who is “jealous and angry over her omission from her father’s will.”  However, there’s also the role of the father’s widow (Rachel McAdams was in negotiations for the role in 2010), so it’s possible Poehler could be in talks to play that part.

Even though the plot doesn’t sound anywhere close to the vein of Mad Men, I’m almost certain that the movie will be sold with “From the Creator of Mad Men” at every turn.  But even without Weiner, I would be excited to see a cast featuring these three actors.  With Gilbert Films producing, and Lionsgate handling international sales, it sounds like the third time will be the charm for making You Are Here a reality.


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