You Are Required by Megan’s Law to Watch Derrick Comedy’s First Short Film in Nearly Two-Years, “Boy Band”

     November 5, 2009


It’s been almost two years since their last short film (if you don’t count “Mystery Team Adventures” from a few months ago), but Derrick Comedy is still going strong as they’ve released their new short-form hilarity, “Boy Band”, while continuing to push for their excellent movie “Mystery Team” to come to your city.  If you forgot why you loved Derrick (and I don’t understand why; they have a website with all their videos), this will quickly refresh your memory.  Once again, the group knows how to make you laugh and feel dirty at the same time (…and you can just take a bath…).

Now the important part: you need your city to get “Mystery Team”.  Unlike “Paranormal Activity” which just made people think they got the film released, you actually have to demand that “Mystery Team” come to your town and get all your friends to demand it as well.  It’s a hilarious film and you’re missing out if you don’t catch it.  The best I can do is ask our Atlanta readers to please CLICK HERE and Demand It for our city.  You’re just going to have to trust me on this one.  Hit the jump to watch “Boy Band”, learn more about “Mystery Team’s” quest to reach more theaters, and if you’re one of the glorious cities that will have a chance to see the film this holiday season.  It will just be our little secret.

The Derrick guys sent out this message to their fans [via /Film]:

There is no big corporate machine behind this movie, it’s just us and the movie and you guys, the people who want to see it. We are, as ever, entirely in your hands. We thank you for your continued support, your patience, and your excitement. Please let us know you’re out there by DEMANDING “Mystery Team.”

Over the next several months, “Mystery Team” will expand to the following cities:

11/13/09 – Phoenix, AZ – Harkins Valley Art Theater

12/4/09 – New York, NY – Quad Cinemas

12/11/09 – Albequerque, NM – The Guild Cinema – MIDNIGHT SHOWS

2/4/10 – Chicago, IL – Music Box

You’ve got to want it people.  Click here to demand it and get “Mystery Team” to your city.  Your fellow citizens need it.

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