The 5 Wildest Parts of ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’

     August 30, 2020


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You Cannot Kill David Arquette is an exacting, shockingly intimate look at the wild, wild life of David Arquette. He’s a professional actor whom you know from the Scream franchise, yes. But he’s also a literal world wrestling champion, in a WCW move made to promote Arquette’s 2000 comedy Ready to Rumble — a move that turned wrestling fans rapidly against him, made him the laughingstock of an entire community, and exacerbated his decline into darkness and semi-obscurity.

The documentary covers Arquette’s return to the world of wrestling, his attempts to prove he deserves respect on his own merits, and the inspiring ability we have to turn our lives around when push comes to shove (in this case, off the ropes). It’s also full of painful, bizarre, aggressive, and all-around wild imagery. We watch Arquette’s anxieties, addictions, and decisions push everything to the limit, and we watch some eager wrestlers push him past it. You might feel beat up after watching You Cannot Kill David Arquette, but I promise it won’t feel as bad as what Arquette himself went through.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is currently playing in drive-in theaters and on VOD. Check out some of the wildest moments from the documentary below. And for more, here’s my full interview with the man.

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