‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette,’ But You Can Talk to Its Star About Wrestling and ‘Scream’

     August 24, 2020

In the year 2000, David Arquette (whom you might know as Officer Dewey from the Scream franchise) appeared in a World Championship Wrestling event to promote his recent wrestling comedy Ready to Rumble. In a wild series of events, Arquette actually won the WCW heavyweight championship belt in his brief appearance. For someone who grew up watching and revering wrestling, to the point where he made an entire film about it, this seemed like a dream, right?

That dream quickly turned into a nightmare. The wrestling community hated this storyline, turning on Arquette. He became a punchline in this scene he loved so dearly, a piece of pain which swirled around and combined with several other pains — addiction, anxiety, divorce, familial trauma, a heart attack — and tried to beat him. But there’s one thing about him: You Cannot Kill David Arquette.


Image via Super LTD

That’s the title of his new documentary, a headfirst, subversively intimate look at Arquette’s return to the world of wrestling to regain a sense of respect, humanity, and genuinely earned championship. I was lucky enough to chat with Arquette in a one-on-one video interview about what it’s like to revisit all your deepest pains on camera, why his wife kicked him out of the editing room, whether he prefers being a heel or a face when he wrestles, how one fateful match left him in the hospital near death, and why everyone should make a documentary about themselves. Plus — we get into what’s exciting about the upcoming Scream 5.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is in drive-in theaters now, and comes to VOD August 28. Check out our full interview with Arquette. For more of the best documentaries, here’s our interview with the director of The Last Dance.

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