Kevin Bacon Descends Into Paranoia in ‘You Should Have Left’ Teaser

     June 15, 2020


Kevin Bacon is back in his horror movie sweet spot with the upcoming thriller chiller You Should Have Left. Ahead of the movie’s on demand wide release later this week, Universal Pictures has dropped a sweet teaser into our laps to preview what spooky goodness awaits.


Image via Universal Pictures

This teaser is barely two minutes long, but there is plenty of information jam-packed into its runtime. You know you’re in for something good when a video kicks off with Bacon telling you, “I love scary movies.” From there, both Bacon and his co-star, Amanda Seyfried, tease the heck out of this movie written and directed by David Koepp. Seyfried even offers this interesting tidbit: “You Should Have Left is about a man facing his demons.”

Bacon picks up the thread by dishing on his character Theo, a screenwriter with big writer’s block, sharing, “Theo is a complicated man. He’s lived two lives.” What those lives are, we don’t quite know. But my gut tells me You Should Have Left has plans to reveal that information to us in interesting ways throughout its 93-minute runtime.

From there, this teaser utilizes both commentary from Seyfried and Bacon as well as clips from the very tense, recently-released trailer to suck us into its web. We see shots of Theo slowly descending into paranoia, with his dreams bleeding into reality as this perfect vacation home in the Welsh countryside swallows he and his family up. What secrets is Theo hiding? How will this house expose them? Will Theo and his family survive their harrowing stay? Guess you’ll just have to check out You Should Have Left when it drops in just a few days.

You Should Have Left arrives on demand this Thursday, June 18. Check out the behind-the-scenes sneak peek in full below. For more, check out the extremely creepy and fun trailer here.

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