David Koepp’s Surprise Blumhouse Movie ‘You Should Have Left’ Gets Trailer, Release Date

     June 8, 2020


David Koepp, one of the most successful screenwriters in Hollywood history, is returning with a low-budget thriller he wrote and directed for Blumhouse Productions called You Should Have Left. And – surprise! – it’s on VOD next week. You can even watch the trailer right now.


Image via Blumhouse/Universal

Koepp, whose resume includes blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, Mission: Impossible, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, has more esoteric choices when it comes to the projects that he both writes and directs, veering from Stephen King adaptations (Secret Window) to high concept comedies (Ghost Town). You Should Have Left has been shrouded in mystery since the project filmed back in 2018 (!) but now we have an official plot synopsis, trailer and release date. The shroud has been lifted!

You Should Have Left reunites Koepp with Kevin Bacon, who led Koepp’s terrific, similarly spooky Stir of Echoes, and like Stir of Echoes follows a family (including Amanda Seyfried as Bacon’s wife) as they encounter something otherworldly – a haunted, ultra-modern rental house. According to the official synopsis, “What at first seems like a perfect retreat distorts into a perfect nightmare when Theo’s grasp on reality begins to unravel and he suspects that a sinister force within the house knows more than he or Susanna have revealed, even to each other.” Yikes! Koepp adapted the story from a 2017 novella by German author Daniel Kehlmann. You can watch the trailer below, which gives off major What Lies Beneath vibes, and see the whole thing when it debuts on VOD on June 19.

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