Watch: ‘YOU’ Without Joe’s Voiceover Is Even Creepier

     February 5, 2019

you-elizabeth-lail-penn-badgleyWhen YOU debuted on Lifetime, it did so to little fanfare. Even though the network has done a lot to diversify its scripted series in recent years, gearing them towards younger female audiences and making them edgier than what some viewers might expect, the show didn’t take off until it landed on Netflix. Netflix will now be home to YOU Season 2, and to capitalize on the series’ popularity (which the streaming service claims has had over 40 million viewers — but be wary of any numbers Netflix chooses to release), it has created a new video that looks at the series in a different way.

In this short example, Netflix reveals how YOU would look and sound without Joe’s (Penn Badgely) voiceover. Awkward and even creepier than before is the answer. The video includes some snarky interstitials about how “falafel” should not be the only word uttered between a couple over the course of a night, and if it is, then things might not work out. But mainly, seeing Joe creepily stare silently at everyone or at the ceiling is definitely a new way to experience the series. Release the VO-less cut!

Before Joe gets a new love interest to stalk, you can experience the new YOU for yourself below:

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