Has the Young Han Solo Movie Finally Found Its Star?

     April 14, 2016

Back in December, we first reported that the search for a young Han Solo — to play a precursor to Harrison Ford’s iconic version and lead Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s Star Wars spinoff — was considering literally every male in Hollywood under the age of 50, with 2,500 actors rumored to have auditioned. A shortlist in January narrowed things down, then in March it was reportedly down to 5 and then down to 3.

Now, Deadline is reporting that of those final three (being Hail Caesar’s Alden Ehrenreich, Transformers Age of Extinction’s Jack Raynor, and Kingsman’s Taron Egerton), it is Ehrenreich who is (unofficially) victorious. Or as the trade defines him, “the frontrunner.” Neither Disney nor Ehrenreich’s reps have replied for comment on the decision, so don’t take it as gospel yet.


Image via Universal Pictures

The casting of a young Han Solo has been so shrouded in mystery that even these best guesses and rumors could be totally off-base. But there are plenty of people who would be very pleased if it turns out to be true, saying that Ehrenreich was the breakout role in the Coen Brothers Hail Caesar! Ehrenreich is also set to star in Warren Beatty’s upcoming untitled Howard Hughes film, so he’s clearly becoming an in-demand performer.

The Young Han Solo movie is being written by Star Wars veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan, alongside his son Jon Kasdan, and will follow Han Solo’s well, solo days before joining up with the rebel alliance.

What do you guys think of this potential casting, or is there someone else you’re still vehemently stumping for? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll confirm the casting as soon as Disney announces it (whether it’s Ehrenreich or someone else!)

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