Collider Jedi Council: ‘Young Han Solo’ Movie Casting Details; New ‘Rogue One’ Concept Art

     October 6, 2016

Today is October 6, 2016 and it’s an all new Collider Jedi Council hosted by Kristian Harloff with John Campea, Mark Reilly and Perri Nemiroff!

Han Solo Casting Continues


Image via Lucasfilm

The young Han Solo spin-off film continues to search for new cast members. Variety reports that Tessa Thompson (Creed), Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) and Zoe Kravitz have tested for the female lead in the upcoming Star Wars film. While Alden Ehrenreich is set to play the infamous smuggler, he is the only cast member confirmed to star in the film thus far. Casting for Solo’s friend Lando Calrissian is also still in development with Atlantis star Donald Glover high up in the running for the role.

Felicity Jones Reveals a Shot in Rogue One

With Rogue One just months away, the anticipation for the film continues to build. While doing press for her upcoming film Inferno, Felicity Jones shared some details about the first shot she was involved in. The shot included a stormtrooper riding a camel for transportation. Unsure whether the camel would make the final cut or not, it finally dawned on the young actress that she was indeed in a Star Wars film.

New Concept Image From Jedha

The Star Wars universe has been expanding for years and Rogue One will prove to expand the lore even further. In a new book, The Art of Rogue One: A Star Wars Storythe back cover of the book reveals concept art of the planet Jedha, a once holy place for the Jedi, now just a small moon frosted by permanent winter. The concept art shows to be similar to that of the first shot of the latest Rogue One trailer.

Russian Rogue One Poster Suggests PG-13 Rating


Image via Lucasfilm

During a Russian Star Wars Comic Con, a new Rogue One poster has been revealed along with a rating for the film. The rating shows 12+ which would suggest that the film would ultimately be rated PG-13 in the United States. With the second trailer set to be attached to the Dr. Strange film in November, it would be likely that the rating for the film will be revealed along with the newest trailer.

Rogue One Soundtrack Able For Pre-Order

Reports from Film Music Reporter have claimed that the original soundtrack for Rogue One is now available for pre-order on Amazon. While the film is set for a December 16 release date, the score will arrive the same day. Rogue One will be composed by J.J. Abrams frequent collaborator Michael Giancchino.

Adam Driver Clarifies Episode 8 Comments

Despite the anticipation for Rogue One, it’s hard to forget that Star Wars Episode 8 is still set to release in 2018. Adam Driver had comments about the film saying it had an Empire Strikes Back feel, several months ago that gained a lot of attention. However, Driver returned to those comments. While speaking with Vanity Fair, he said that that wasn’t his intention but that he meant it was that the tone was going to be different.

What’s the Deal With Canon?

Here now is the segment called What’s the Deal with Canon – a discussion on everything in the world of canon that isn’t one of the movies be it Episodes or Star Wars’ Stories. “Canon” here include the tv shows, books, comics and video games.

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