YOUTH IN REVOLT Blu-ray Review

     July 4, 2010

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Now that Youth in Revolt is out on Blu-ray, hopefully it’ll begin to accumulate the cult following it deserves. Based on the popular book of the same name by C.D. Payne, it features an awesome cast including Michael Cera, Zach Galifianakis, Fred Willard, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta and others in the tale of youthful rebellion. Think of it as Fight Club meets Dawson’s Creek, but without the twist and way less lame. The disc itself isn’t exactly exciting but it’ll suffice for a film that will surely get multiple plays. Hit the jump for more.

Cera plays the lead, dual role of Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger, who is really just Nick’s subconscious evil half brought to life. He has a mustache and piercing blue eyes to go along with tight white pants. Francois is called upon to help Nick win the woman of his dreams, Sheeni (played by awesome newcomer Portia Doubleday,) by being just bad enough to get him kicked out of one town so he can move into hers. Unfortunately for Nick, Francois is a little too good at being bad and gets him in trouble with the law. Nick then has to figure out what’s more important: the love of his life or spending time in prison.

youth in revolt movie image Michael Cera

Filled with witty dialogue and a very quirky sense of humor, Youth in Revolt is a treat. It never really hammers home any real tangible message like I’m sure the literary version does, but the never gets old or boring. It’s insanely quotable, has great characters, bit actors and a slew of really fun animation sequences. Plus, for a basic teen movie, it’s a nice hard R. There’s no nudity, but the dialogue and subject matter is frank and refreshing.

The main extra on the disc is about 11 minutes of deleted scenes that range from ho-hum to laugh out loud hilarious. In all cases, it’s obvious why they were cut or edited – the film has a great flow and pacing – but some of them are gems none the less. It’s insane that they actually had to leave Francois, Galifianakis, Buscemi and Williard scenes on the cutting room floor. There are also a few extended versions of the animations sequences, which really don’t amount to much, as well as some not so exciting audition footage. However, you do get to see Zach Galifianakis’ audition, which is fun, and must have been way before The Hangover because I’m sure he doesn’t have to audition for a small role like this anymore.

youth in revolt movie image Michael Cera

The best part of the Blu-ray, though, is that it actually has a commentary. Remember those? Those awesome audio tracks of people who made the movie talking about the movie during the movie? They seem to be few and far between these days but Youth in Revolt gives its fans one with not only the director Miguel Arteta, but also star Michael Cera. Hooray.

Youth in Revolt isn’t going to blow the speakers off your system or even blow your mind, but it will keep you entertained and laughing. It’s a great movie that deserves to be seen way more than it was.

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