YouTube Offers Some Premium Originals for Free, Including ‘Escape the Night’

     April 8, 2020


Quick show of hands: How many of you have a YouTube tab open right now? If your hand ain’t raised, you lyin’. YouTube is one of our most ubiquitous, popular sources of free video entertainment. And wouldn’t you know it, they’ve got some premium stuff behind the paywall, too! But now, in wake of the coronavirus pandemic when we’re all stuck the heck at home, YouTube Premium is offering many of their shows for free — for quarantined folks of all ages.

YouTube’s global head of original content Susanne Daniels had this to say in a statement (via The Wrap):


Image via YouTube Premium

As people cope with a more limited way of life, we remain committed to lifting peoples’ spirits during these challenging times. With a diverse collection of fan favorite YouTube Originals now available to stream for free, we are continuing to promote safety while offering our users of all ages entertainment across the globe.

Some of the highlights? Bonkers murder mystery/reality show Escape the Room, dance spinoff drama Step Up: Highwater, eerie and underseen genre drama Impulse, and a litany of children’s programming for younger ones in need of helpful distraction. Check out the full list of free YouTube Premium programming below. And for more on the media giant, here’s some of the best movies you can watch for free on YouTube any time.

  • Escape The Night
  • Matpat’s Game Lab
  • Step Up: Highwater
  • Impulse
  • The Sidemen Show
  • Sherwood
  • We Are Savvy (beginning 04/13)
  • Hyperlinked (beginning 05/04)
  • Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force (beginning 06/01)
  • Kings of Atlantis (beginning 06/29)

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