YouTube Video of IRON MAN 2 Set Shows Off Gigantic Green Screen at Los Angeles’ Sepulveda Dam

     July 14, 2009


If you’ve ever wondered what George Lucas beats off to (and admit it, we’ve all wondered), it’s probably this video which shows off the ridiculously massive green screen set being used for “Iron Man 2”.  Sadly, this amateur video (which appeared on YouTube) was taken at night so it’s a little difficult to get a sense of scale.  While I’m sure the production wished that this didn’t leak out, there’s really no way to cover up a green screen the size of a city dam.  I’ve been told that this is all for the end of the film and a BIG action scene which is kind of disappointing.  I was hoping director Jon Favreau had just gone completely batshit insane and decided to build all of this to recreate something mundane like Tony Stark stepping into his car or going for a jog.  Knowing nothing of the plot but praying that Favreau has lost his marbles, I’m going to bet that this giant green screen is to digitally insert “Iron Man 1” into “Iron Man 2”.

Hit the jump to check out the video and wonder aloud in a foreign accent, “What are you building, Favreau?”  “Iron Man 2” hits theatres on May 7th, 2010.

Mickey Rourke Whiplash Iron Man 2 movie image.jpg

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