Yvonne Strahovski and Adam Baldwin Interview – CHUCK

     August 8, 2008

Written by Rachel

Now for Part Two of the continuing saga that is Chuck at Comic Con…

If you are just now joining this, check out what the creators of the show had to say about all the cool guest stars, what the characters are in for in season two, and how at least one of the writers keeps attempting to throw poor Chuck out of an airplane HERE, otherwise, here is the continuation of the cast and crew interviews.

After the long talk with the creators we were given a bit of a break to wind down from the information overload and get ready for our next interview, which was with Yvonne Strahovski, the actress playing the super hot Sarah Walker, and who can probably kick all our asses without trying at this point.

Q: So are you excited for the panel this afternoon?

YS: Yeah! I am! I mean, still is still very weird for me, I’m not very familiar with Comic Con, so it’s my second time. Last year I was a little spaced out; tired, working. This year I’m still tired and spaced out, but I know a little bit about what it’s all about.

Q: Why don’t you tell us about the new season?

YS: The new season, you know, we’ve got lots of action, lots of comedy, lots of romance. Just like last season, we had a really good mix of action and comedy, so we’re keeping that and building on it. We’re going to delve into the character’s past as well. So we have a whole bunch of different guest stars as well. Nicole Richie came on to guest star as my high school nemesis, and that was really fun. We had a flashback into Sarah’s life, what she was like when she was 17 and in High School and you know, it was great, it was great! She was really geeky as you all get to see just how geeky I can be, which was fun.

Q: How was it working with Nicole Richie?

YS: She was great! You know, I was really impressed with her, with the fight scene that we did. We had a fight scene and she didn’t miss a beat with her choreography skills so . . .

Q: Do you kick her ass?

YS: Yeah, she kicked mine too but . . . I kick them more.

Q: How are your fight scenes this year? Are you doing anything really out there?

YS: They’re a little bit more complicated, I guess, cause we all know each other’s limits and I’m constantly working on mine as well, and pushing it. We’ve been doing some fun wire-work, which we haven’t done before. So you’ll see some cool moves.

Q: What do you think are the biggest differences between Sarah last year and the way she is now?

YS: I think she has come to terms in some ways with working with Chuck and her attraction to him. I think she still struggles with that and, I mean, she’s learning as well, she’s growing and she’s becoming a better CIA agent but she’s also struggling with her human side, her human side that has emotions and has feelings. And, you know, she has to put all that stuff aside because of her work, and that’s really hard for anyone to do.

Q: So what’s the scariest thing you’ve had to do? Have you been hurt or bruised?

YS: Oh, I’ve had bruises; I get bruises all the time. But I . . . (laughs) Actually I got a bit nervous the other day, I had to do a Commando Roll back and forth, with a loaded weapon, so I had to shoot it after I did the roll. I dunno, I can’t believe they let me do it, so I did it, and it was loaded so I got a bit nervous, cause, you know, the case has to come out. But it was fine! It was fine.

Q: What’s it like to shoot a gun, I’ve never done it.

YS: I had never either until the show. I took myself to a shooting range to figure it out, you know, it’s fun. I guess you do feel a little bit powerful with a gun. I dunno, it’s fun to shoot it, to pretend that you’re really cool.

Q: What about the range of emotions that Sarah goes through with the introduction of Jill?

YS: Well, obviously she’s jealous. She tries not to be. Cause there is competition. Sarah is a little bit, intimidated, maybe, by the fact that this is a really smart woman and she’s got a lot of brains and she could maybe pull the things that Sarah could, and that’s very intimidating, and, you know, she’s going to have to deal with a lot of stuff.

At this point Adam Baldwin, who plays John Casey, sits down next to Yvonne and joins in the interview, (Being the giant Joss Whedon fan that I am, I mentally hum “The Hero of Campton” and try not to grin to hard.)

AB: Talking about your self again?

YS: No! Jill!

AB: Oh Jill? Oooohh!

Q: Now that’s you’ve joined us, how are your characters interacting this season?

AB: I think there is a simpatico is sort of developing here. This mutual respect, she sorta kicked my ass in the pilot so I sort of learned to respect her. I’m the one that’s getting into trouble all the time, too.

YS: (laughs) That’s cause you’re a grumpy bum.

AB: I keep getting tied up and thrown out windows and stuff.

Q: Josh mentioned that we’re going to see a bit more of Casey’s past.

AB: Good!

Q: Little bit more of the gooey inside of him, maybe about past and his relationships and things like that. . .

AB: Yeah, great, show him blowing things up and rescuing girls, that’ll be great! Falling in love with the girls he rescues from blowing up buildings.

YS: That’d be funny if they did this thing where you were like James Bond and you had, like, three women all over you and you used to be a real hot shot with the women.

AB: Yeah, then he became grumpy. You need one of those characters on the show, you know, everyone else is too happy.

YS: And you do it so well!

AB: Eh, you know, sense memory.

Q: What sort of weird wardrobe will we see this year?

YS: Well, we have a new workplace, so the Weinerlicious is gone. Uuuuum, I don’t know if I can reveal the new place . . .

Q: Well can you sorta describe?

YS: I dunno. . .

AB: It’s still in the food service genre.

YS: Yeah, I like it better. And I like my outfit better, it’s a bit more practical.

AB: Perhaps! You see, we’re a little constrained here with what secrets we can divulge or not.

Q: What can you tell us about Casey now that he’s been appointed to take Chuck out?

AB: Uuuummmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, can’t go there.

YS: Well, yeah, there is the question of . . . I mean obviously they are building this new Intersect, but we still have the threat of Fulcrum constantly on us.

AB: Uh ho!

YS: And there is constantly things battling, that we have to fight against.

Q: Do you think there is going to be some bonding between the three of you?

AB: Oh there is definitely so bonding that goes on, yeah.

YS: Oh there is major bonding! In episode five?


YS: Episode five. I’m not involved, but. . .

AB: There is some bonding, but it’s good!

Q: What about the return of Bryce? How will that affect Sarah?

YS: Yeah, I mean, Bryce brings issues with Sarah. Once again she has spent all this time with Chuck and has developed some feelings that she shouldn’t have for Chuck. And when Bryce comes back into the picture it raises questions, does she still feel for Bryce as strongly as she might have in the past? And how does she go about juggling that situation with the three of them there together, and the dynamics of that. I’m good at speaking in a round about way . . .

AB: Yeah you really are!

YS: Without actually saying . . .

AB: We love Bryce!

YS: Yeah we love Bryce, Matt Bomer is excellent.

Q: Who was your favorite guest star to work with?

YS: I loved John Larroquette, he was funny.

AB: Hysterical!

YS: John Larroquette, and his character was great!

AB: How about Nicole Richie? Se’s a gamer! Absolutely!

YS: A gamer?

AB: Not like a video “gamer.” No! Like a goer, like she’s snarky and willing to play.

Before anyone could get Adam to tell us more about now Nicole was a “gamer” they had to be whisked away for more interviews and Zac Levi plopped down in front of the mic. Be still my beating fangirly heart.

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