Zac Efron Signs on for Universal’s FIRE

     January 28, 2010

Me_and_Orson_Welles_movie_image_Zac_Efron slice.jpg

As reported by THR’s Heat Vision Blog, Zac Efron is set to headline Universal’s upcoming flick Fire, which will be adapted from Brian Michael Bendis’ graphic novel. The original property tells the tale of an ordinary college kid who’s recruited into a top-secret CIA training program that specializes in turning regular folks into superspies. In addition to starring, Efron will also exec produce alongside his manager, Jason Barret.

You heard right, people. Zac Efron is your next action hero. Stay tuned to Collider to find out which of the Four Horseman touches down on Earth first…my money’s on Pestilence. Joking aside, this is a natural next step for the High School Musical star. He got his first real taste of solo box office success with last spring’s 17 Again, a film that very much appealed to his HSM audience. Now it’s time to take away the safety net. It’s difficult to gauge just how willing the action crowd will be to embrace him. However, stepping into the role of an average guy who’s gradually transformed into an action hero throughout the course of a film is probably the best way possible to attempt the transition from singing-dancing tween pin-up to major-league ass-kicker. We’ll see if it’s enough.

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