Zach Braff in Talks to Direct GOING IN STYLE Remake [Update: Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine to Star]

     November 19, 2014


It took a decade for Zach Braff to direct his second feature film after 2004’s Garden State, but it appears that he’s eager to jump back into the director’s chair much more quickly this time around.  Deadline reports that Braff is in talks to take the helm of the Going in Style remake that New Line Cinema has been developing for a few years now, positioning the film as the follow-up to his Kickstarter-funded drama Wish I Was Here, which opened in theaters this summer.  The 1979 caper comedy Going in Style revolved around a trio of elderly friends—played by George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg—who decide to rob a bank out of boredom.  [Update: Dustin HoffmanMorgan Freeman, and Michael Caine are in talks to star.]  More after the jump.

Per Deadline, Braff is in negotiations to direct Going in Style as his next film.  The project has had a few different directors attached, first with The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’s Don Scardino, and then a couple years ago Ted Melfi—who wrote the screenplay for the remake—was set to helm.  Melfi instead went on to direct the Bill Murray drama St. Vincent, and now it appears that Braff has emerged as the top choice to direct the picture.

It was previously reported that Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin were possibly circling the three leads for the remake, and Freeman even admitted his interest earlier this year, but it’s unclear if they remain involved with the project or if Braff might be doing some work on the script himself.  [Update: Variety reports Hoffman is in talks to join Freeman and Caine, suggesting Arkin moved on from the project.]  I mostly liked Braff’s Wish I Was Here, and it feels like Going in Style offers him the opportunity to really play up his comedic sensibilities while toning down some of the more dramatic beats that were pretty hit and miss in Wish I Was Here.

Check out the trailer for the 1979 film below.


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