Casting Call: Zach Gilford Signs on for THE LAST STAND; Alecia Moore (aka Pink) Joins THANKS FOR SHARING

     October 3, 2011


We have a couple quick casting stories to report.  First up, Zach Gilford (Friday Night Lights) has joined Arnold Schwarzenegger comeback’s film The Last Stand.  Directed by Jee-woon Kim (I Saw the Devil), The Last Stand “centers on a disgraced LAPD cop who is now the sheriff of a sleepy border town. When a drug kingpin is headed for Mexico with a hostage and entourage in tow, the sheriff is the only thing that stands between him and freedom across the border.”  Deadline has no details on Gilford’s character but reports that shooting is just getting underway in Albuquerque.  Gilford’s a solid actor who had a tendency to get overshadowed by his FNL co-stars, but he’s a quality addition to any cast.

The Last Stand is due out January 18, 2013.  Hit the jump for casting news for Stuart Blumberg’s Thanks for Sharing.

Screenwriter Stuart Blumberg’s directorial debut Thanks for Sharing has already rounded up a strong cast with Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Patrick Fugit, Joely Richardson, and Josh Gad set to lead the dramedy, and now Alecia Moore has joined the ensemble.  The story is “about a group of unlikely friends brought together through their shared determination to recover from sex addiction and forge meaningful relationships for the first time in their lives.”  Dammit, there goes the plot for Shame 2.

Most of the world knows Ms. Moore by her stage name, “Pink” (or “P!nk” if you hate words), but it looks like she’s now trying to make “Alecia Moore” her name for movies.  She provides one of the voices for Happy Feet Two and on the poster she’s credited as “Alecia Moore (P!nk)”.  There are no details about her Thanks for Sharing character “Dede”, but Blumberg says of the singer/actress, “she carries with her just the right combination of heart and edginess for the part.”  Filming began late last month in New York City.


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