Zach Woods Confirmed As Series Regular on THE OFFICE

     June 17, 2010

Zach Woods the office slice

Season 6 of The Office showed a lot of additions in casting. None, however, were as interesting as Gabe. Well, in one of the smartest moves made by the producers in a long time, he’s becoming a series regular. EW has confirmed that Zach Woods who plays Gabe, the Coordinating Director for Emerging Regions, will become a regular during the upcoming Season 7.

Why is this a great move? Some of the best episodes of The Office last year (and there were few) came from more Gabe central episodes. I’ll cite “Secretaries Day” as being one of the best from last year, as he suspends Jim and Pam without pay only to find out that he doesn’t have that kind of power. If more storylines where the spineless whiner that is Gabe gets picked on, consider Season 7 already better than the last 2 seasons. Here’s to hoping that The Office gets better.