Zachary Quinto talks about HEROES Season Two – Exclusive Video Interview

     June 21, 2007

Earlier today I got to attend a “Heroes” press event in Hollywood. The reason for the event was to promote the upcoming season one DVD as well as announce the “Heroes World Tour.” If you missed my first article which explains the event click here, it also has a video interview with creator Tim Kring.

After the press conference was over I got to interview a few people and this article is my short video interview with Zachary Quinto – the man who plays Sylar. Here are some of the things that got covered:

  • I ask if any kids have seen him and freaked out

  • Then I ask about adults

  • I confront him on the rumors about the first 5 episodes of this season will explain how his character gets other peoples powers.

  • I ask if his character could turn to the good side.

He does say that the landscape that Slyar finds himself in at the beginning of the season is not one that the viewers will expect.

And in a little while I’ll be posting the entire press conference. If you’re a fan of “Heroes” you DEFINITELY want to watch it. Check back soon.

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