Zack Snyder and Debbie Snyder – Exclusive Video Interview

     August 5, 2007

If Zack Snyder manages to bring “Watchmen” to the screen like most of us think he can, he’ll be crowned ‘King of the Geeks’ and get a gold statue that’ll be displayed at Comic-Con every year.

After all, this is the guy who made “300” a huge hit when no one in town thought anything of it. And he’s also the one who’s getting “Watchmen” off the ground when numerous other filmmakers couldn’t.

The fact is Zack is riding high, so getting to ask him a few questions on the red carpet at Petco Park for a screening of “300” was one of my highlights of this year’s convention.

And while I’ve interviewed a number of directors and actors, I can say that Zack is one of us – a true fanboy who cares about the subject matter more than his ego. And for that reason alone, I’ll always respect him tremendously and root for his success.

Since “Watchmen” hasn’t started filming yet and all the casting had been announced, I decided to focus on other things while talking to him. But thankfully my partner Erico – from the website Omelete – got in a good question about the under the hood stuff from the comic.

But rather than reading my words, here’s the interview with Zack and Debbie Snyder, the director and one of the producers of “Watchmen” and “300.” Oh, and she’s Zack’s wife.

  • Zack talks about Comic-Con this year versus last, since last year he had footage for 300 and this year he’s just explaining his ideas for Watchmen.

  • Erico from Omelete asks about the Under the Hood stuff from the comic.

  • I ask Debbie the challenges of producing Watchmen versus 300. She says that the film will be more practical sets versus the green screen of 300.

  • I ask if the success of 300 has helped bring Watchmen to life with the studio.

  • They both say that without 300 doing as well as it did they couldn’t have made an R rated Watchmen.

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