Zack Snyder talks WATCHMEN Director’s Cut Blu-ray, Comic-Con 2009, 300 Blu-ray, and SUCKER PUNCH

     June 24, 2009

director_zack_snyder_image.jpgJust a few hours ago I attended an amazing Blu-ray presentation at Warner Bros. in Burbank to help promote “Watchmen: The Director’s Cut” and “300″ on Blu-ray. Based on the footage I saw and how interactive the discs are, these are seriously must own Blu-ray’s. The “Watchmen” Blu-ray has over three hours of extras and the “300″ Blu-ray over two hours.

The great thing about the discs is the choices you have. If you just want to watch the movies, they look amazing. But if you’re curious how the movies were made or what went on behind the scenes, both Blu-ray’s are filled with extras and interactive choices. The way they’ve set up the discs is as you watch them you can pick different options and they’ll either pop-up as the movie continues to play, or it’ll bring you to another section of the movie. The best part is when you’re done watching, you’re back at the exact point you left.

Based on what I saw, fans of both movies are going to have a geekgasm.

Anyway, after the presentation ended, I managed to get some time with director Zack Snyder and after the jump you can see Zack talk about his plans for this year’s Comic-Con and what’s up with his next film “Sucker Punch”.

watchmen_movie_image__10_.jpgThe big news about this year’s Comic-Con is Zack is going to be showing the director’s cut of “Watchmen” and people who own the Blu-ray will be able to watch at home and have an interactive experience. That’s because people will be able to ask questions through their Blu-ray player, so if you aren’t going to the convention, this is your chance to participate.

Finally, I participated in a roundtable discussion with Zack Snyder and about 10 journalists and we talked about the “Watchmen Director’s Cut” Blu-ray and the “300” Blu-ray. So if you’d like to hear more, just click on the links for the audio.

And if you missed the news about the director’s cut of “Watchmen” getting a limited theatrical release next month, click here.

Zack Snyder – Comic-Con 2009

  • Comic-Con plans – he’s planning on hosting an interactive screening where everyone can watch at home and interact with him at Comic-Con
  • He talks about what’s great about the Blu-ray’s of Watchmen and 300
  • Talks about some of the deleted scenes that are on the Blu-ray
  • Talks about the other Watchmen Blu-ray that’s coming out in December. It sounds like it’s a worthwhile double dip

Zack Snyder – Sucker Punch

  • Sucker Punch talk
  • Says the girls are training and ‘getting freaky’
  • Says the action is “balls out crazy”
  • I ask who is in the final cast and what character they play
  • Says Scott Glenn just confirmed so he’ll be in it
  • Says it will not be a long movie. Says longer than an hour and a half but not two hours

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