The Films of Zack Snyder Ranked from Worst to Best

     July 22, 2019


[Note: This previously published Collider original feature comes from our well-stocked vault]

Director Zack Snyder makes polarizing films. His hyper-aggressive visual style can be a wonder to behold or it can overload the senses. His work is fascinating because he has such immense control over how he wants things to look, and yet his talent as a storyteller is somewhat lacking. The politics of his films can be murky because he seems to value visuals above all else, and has translated seminal comic books into cinema rather than making the hard changes required by adaptation. For some he’s a visual craftsman who works at the top of his game, and for others he’s out of his depth with the rich material he’s chosen to pursue.

Below, I’ve looked back at Snyder’s filmography and ranked his films from worst to best. Along the way, I discuss what makes him such an exciting yet frustrating visionary.

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