What If Zack Snyder Made ‘Catcher In the Rye’? A Fan Video Makes It Real

     August 31, 2016


Soul-suckingly putrid,” “a pervert’s Inception,” and “a repellent action-fantasy.” These are words used to describe Sucker Punch, a film that did not help Zack Snyder’s image as a filmmaker. Years later, after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there are now YouTube video rants on why he’s the worst director of all time. (I won’t promote them here, but they’re there.) Needless to say, Snyder has his dissenters. But perhaps he’d have a whole lot more if he helmed movie adaptations of such classic works of literature as Catcher in the Rye and Sense and Sensibility, as envisioned in this fan-made video?

Love him or hate him, Snyder has a distinct style, one that was infused in a video from Patrick Willems’ YouTube channel called “What If Zack Snyder Adapted Classic Works of Literature?” Willems, a New York City filmmaker, previously made videos like the Wes Andersonian X-Men trailer and the Wernor Herzogian Ant-Man. Here, he brings some of Snyder’s cinematic flourishes by which we’ve come to know him, such as darkness, a serious tone, lots of slow motion, and a rain-soaked dramatic scene.

Perhaps these aren’t what define Snyder’s style, but they have become cliches of his image. Watch the video below, but only if you like to poke fun at Snyder. Otherwise, it’ll make you mad.

 In defense of Snyder, his visual work is often stunning. Even Sucker Punch, for the GamerGate wet dream that it was, was still pretty to look at in some respects. The problem becomes he bathes in his imagery so much that he loses sight of the story and character and pretty much everything else. However, I am excited to see what he makes of Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, since that kind of work seems to better align with his sensibilities — as opposed to, say, Superman.


Image via Warner Bros.


Image via Warner Bros.

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