Is General Zod the Villain in Zack Snyder’s SUPERMAN? Plus Snyder Talks About the Film

     October 4, 2010


I would that imagine that, as Superman, each and every day could be considered “busy.”  Without question, though, today has to have been one of the most hectic in recent memory for The Man of Steel.  As you probably already know, we learned earlier today that Zack Snyder is directing the Christopher Nolan produced Superman: The Man of Steel – news which finally brings to an end the whirlwind of speculation surrounding the gig and Nolan’s seemingly endless “shortlist.”

Now, as if the Snyder announcement wasn’t enough for one day, we are seeing unconfirmed reports regarding David Goyer’s script and Kal-El’s potential foe.  For more on this as well as several Snyder quotes in regards to the film, hit the jump.

superman_alex_rossPer a report from THR, Goyer’s script is believed to be akin to Richard Donner’s Superman films via the inclusion of General Zod as the primary villain.  While unconfirmed, Nolan has made it known that he wishes to place Superman within a realistic modern context for The Man of Steel.  With that in mind, it would make sense to have Superman fight it out with a fellow Kryptonian who, like Clark Kent, at least looks human.  While his esteemed nemesis Lex Luthor also fits this bill, other popular Superman villains such as Brainiac and/or Darkseid might not play as quite as “real” from a physical perspective.

Although only landing the job hours ago, word travels fast these days and Snyder has already discussed the film with several outlets.  On how Superman might be received by general audiences who may think of Superman as being a tad on the cheesy side, Snyder tells EW:

“I’ve followed Superman over the years,” he says. “I wouldn’t say I was a huge devotee, but I’ve kept an eye on the character in the pop culture, and as the pop culture has regarded him, for the past 10 years, especially. I think there’s a real opportunity here. He’s in the perfect place to do something.”

“Think of where Batman was when Chris took that on earlier in the decade. I think Superman is in a very similar place, in terms of being available and in terms of his relationship to where the culture was at that time. Superman is right there. He’s ready. And can I be any more cryptic?”


On working with Christopher Nolan, Snyder tells Heat Vision:

“In the initial meetings, he’s been super amazingly smart and also amazingly kind, filmmaker-to-filmmaker,” he said of Nolan. “I have great respect for him. The process has been amazing so far, and it looks like nothing but pluses.”

On talking about the story with Nolan in their initial meeting, Snyder tells MTV:

“It was really just talking about, in really sort of civilized and fun terms, who [Superman] was to us and what he could be,” he explained. “I think that those conversations felt free from the pressure of an ‘audition’ and felt more just talking about a character that we both liked. It was really, at that point, I was content if I was the one picked or not, that I had had a great visit. From a creative and fan point of view, I was satisfied, and that was cool.”

On the challenge inherent in taking over the character, Snyder tells USA Today:

“Mainly male (superheroes), have gotten to evolve over the years. Batman. The X-Men. But I think the first (Superman) movies were so well done, he kind of got stuck. I think our challenge is to bring him to a modern audience that’s still respectful of the character…We’re well aware, we’ve opened up a big can of worms.”


Obviously the film is still in the earliest stages of planning and there will be plenty of time for more informed discussion in the future.  For now, Snyder has to finish up his latest film Sucker Punch which is scheduled to hit theaters March 25th, 2011.  He will begin work on The Man of Steel shortly thereafter.  In the meantime, questions surrounding what Snyder’s involvement means for Xerxes remain largely unasked much less unanswered.

Briefly, and in closing, many have questioned whether or not Warner Bros. might bring back Brandon Routh to reprise his role in Snyder and Nolan’s film.  While unconfirmed, we are hearing early stirs which seem to rule out Routh’s return to the franchise.  For those of you who enjoyed Superman Returns, you have my deepest sympathies.  For the rest of us, here’s to hoping Snyder, Nolan, Goyer, and co. can give this generation a Superman film that, like The Man of Steel himself, can withstand the test of time.


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