Zoe Kazan to Lead Bryan Bertino’s Horror Film THERE ARE MONSTERS

     May 12, 2015


Zoe Kazan, best known for writing and starring in the offbeat romantic comedy Ruby Sparks, is set to lead writer-director Bryan Bertino‘s (The Strangers) horror film, There Are Monsters. Kazan stars as a mother who must protect her daughter from a merciless creature. William Green and Aaron Ginsburg of Atlas Independent will produce alongside Adrienne Biddle of Unbroken Pictures with A24 set to distribute the picture.

Bertino previously wrote and directed the excellent home invasion horror The Strangers, which grossed $85 million dollars. His sophomore feature, Mockingbird, was silently dumped to VOD last October after years of post-production. I can only assume that decision was motivated by found footage fatigue. While Mockingbird didn’t quite live up to The Strangers, it’s a well executed film driven by an ever-growing sense of dread.


Image via Entertainment One

I’m excited to see what Bertino brings to the creature feature given that his last two excursions into horror subgenres led to such satisfying results. Kazan is a well-trained actress who brings a uniquely sweet and innocent quality to her characters without coming across as weak, which is to say she’s an ideal lead to torment in a horror film.

Here’s the official synopsis for There Are Monsters.

There Are Monsters focuses on a mother (Kazan) and her terrified young daughter Lizzie who are trapped and tormented by a merciless creature. In the end, only a mother’s protective love, her most primal instinct, can save them.


Image via Rogue Pictures

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