ZOMBIELAND Director Ruben Fleischer in Talks for 30 MINUTES OR LESS and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4

     March 19, 2010


With his feature film debut Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer made quite a name for himself in Hollywood.  There are quite a few films he is eying for his next move, though two have surfaced that seem to trump all others.  LA Times reports that Fleischer is under consideration to helm the upcoming Mission: Impossible 4 with Tom Cruise returning to star, though the bank heist comedy 30 Minutes or Less–with Danny McBride attached to star–seems the likelier candidate.

Details on these and the other films on Fleischer’s mind after the jump.

ruben_fleischer_01.jpgEarlier in the month, Fleischer mentioned his interest in 30 Minutes before McBride was attached,

“I am kinda working on this bank heist movie that is a kind of a dark comedy. That will hopefully shoot this summer. No one has really been cast yet but it is a dark comedy called ‘Thirty Minutes or Less.”

McBride and Fleischer are a promising duo, very much in the vein of the Woody Harrelson/Fleischer pairing that bore wonderful comedic fruit in Zombieland.  If those two do decide to make 30 Minutes together, we’re likely in store for a pretty funny heist movie driven by creative set pieces and a wicked sense of humor.  Here’s hoping.

The report seems pretty skeptical of the eventual reality of the Mission: Impossible gig for Fleischer, though it says plenty that he’s in talks.  With a low $24 million budget, Zombieland ended up as a cash cow for Sony, earning $102 million worldwide before DVD sales.  The action-comedy sure didn’t look cheap, though: ergo, Fleischer’s name is now up for one of Hollywood’s dearest franchises.

Though 30 Minutes seems to have the hottest buzz, the article gives a rundown of several other projects that desire Fleischer’s skills.  There’s The Bachelorette, a female take on The Hangover set to star Jennifer Garner and Anna Faris.  The director may reunite with School of Rock scribe Mike White (who had a Zombieland cameo) for Babe in the Woods, the comedic tale of a Midwestern woman in deep with the mafia.  And a bit curiously, Fleischer is supposedly in talks for Daddy’s Home, a Will Ferrell/Ed Helms comedy which we thought was going to be the directorial debut of Tropic Thunder screenwriter Etan Cohen.  So yeah, Fleischer’s in demand a little bit.

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