6 Clips from Kevin James ZOOKEEPER

     June 25, 2011


With director Frank Coraci’s (Click, The Wedding Singer) Zookeeper opening July 8, we’ve been sent six clips from the film.  Starring Kevin James in a remix of Night at the Museum (instead of a museum, he’s at a zoo), the pic is probably going to make a boat load of cash for Sony if James’ track record is any indication.  In case you don’t pay attention to box office numbers, James is pretty close to a sure thing.  While many thought Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a joke, it went on to make $183 at the worldwide box office.  Even Grown Ups, which got beaten with a club by critics, went on to make $271 million worldwide.  So, even though you couldn’t pay me to watch Zookeeper, I know kids are going to love it and it’s going to make a lot of coin.  Hit the jump for the clips and full synopsis.  Zookeeper also stars Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb and it features the voices of Cher, Nick Nolte, Adam Sandler, and Sylvester Stallone.

Here’s the official synopsis:

In Zookeeper, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kindhearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes (James). Finding himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady, Griffin decides the only way to get a girl in his life is to leave the zoo and find a more glamorous job. The animals, in a panic, decide to break their time-honored code of silence and reveal their biggest secret: they can talk! To keep Griffin from leaving, they decide to teach him the rules of courtship – animal style.



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