Christine Taylor Confirms She’ll Be Back for ZOOLANDER 2

     January 28, 2015


We’ve been talking about a Zoolander sequel for years now, but ever since Justin Theroux revealed “it looks like it actually might be starting to get up and running,” Zoolander 2 finally seemed like a real possibility.  Since then, Penelope Cruz signed on to star and Will Ferrell confirmed that the cast had plans to get together for a read-through of the script Theroux co-wrote with Ben Stiller.

Now we’ve got yet another piece of information that further suggests Zoolander 2 could be closer to a green light than ever.  Christine Taylor just confirmed that she is involved in the film as well.  Here’s what she told EW:

“I can tell you that I’m involved, but that’s all I can say.  I can tell you it’s happening, but I can’t tell you where Matilda’s at and where their relationship is at.  It’s all top secret!”

Taylor played journalist Matilda Jeffries in the 2001 release.  At the end of the film, she’s living happily ever after with Derek and their son, Derek Jr., who absolutely nails his “first look.”

The fact that Taylor insists that “it’s happening” is promising, but if we’ve learned anything from Zoolander 2’s lengthy development process, we know that there are no guarantees until the film gets the OK to go into production.  Then again, if the team behind Dumb and Dumber To could play the years-later sequel game and wind up a box office hit, it’d be absolutely crazy if the Zoolander crew couldn’t manage to pull it off as well.


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